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We are entertaining the idea of publishing a first edition of Ralph's manuscript in book form.  This would be a hard bound limited print first edition with the complete manuscript (around 100 pages) and pictures.  At this time we are trying to gauge interest.  If you think you would be interested in a copy of this book, should we publish it,  Draft pages will be posted here so you can get an idea of what it contains.

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Posted - October 1, 2004

[Marilyn] "Seems like the whole world is here for the opening of LETS MAKE LOVE. I’m afraid they’ll be awfully disappointed – it isn’t a very good picture. I gave Maysie a ticket for you. This fire seems somehow to be symbolic of the whole thing. So much raging emotions during the shooting. Golly, I miss Johnny Hyde. He’d have known how to have handled all of that, and all of this. He taught me so much when I was beginning – all about the workers behind the scenes. He helped me learn how to mix and mingle with people – he knew instinctively how to separate and categorize people, and some of that rubbed off on me. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of him. Some little silly incident will trigger off a whole flow of memories of him. Johnny sitting in the restaurant, talking about the things I was going to do, how with my drive, my determination to be a top actress, nothing could stop me studying everything about all the elements involved – acting, singing, dancing, - the inside and the outside of the body. I remember many times "concentrate to learn to use your body as an instrument of expression as well as a thing of beauty. Acting is basically the fine art of gesture and gesture begins in an agile body. And don’t let the mind go untended. I think I fell in love with Arthur first when I read DEATH OF A SALESMAN – speaking of "tending the mind". Of course the picture of him didn’t hurt, either. I had two idols, and had pictures of them in my bedroom. One Duse, the other Arthur. I’m certainly rambling, aren’t I?" I practically never mention Johnny’s name. But so often when I’ve done something I think is good, I say a little prayer thanking him. I loved him. I wasn’t in love with him, but I loved him, and am eternally grateful for his belief in me, and his guidance. "They wouldn’t let me see him."

When she drifted off into sleep, I went down to the bar. It was still quite early – before dinner – and there was such a flurry of activity. Monty was talking to a reporter, but drew me into conversation with "this wonderful guy practically saved my life, and let’s all have a drink on that." During the drink, word came through that because of the power failure, the theatre would be unable to be used for the premiere. There was a mad rush, and all the visiting reporters were returned home in a chartered Constellation. Monty asked how she was, and was glad she had gotten to sleep. "I know the feeling."


Manuscript property of the estate of Ralph L. Roberts. Do not copy without permission.